Ain' dat a-Rockin' All Night?

Published by Roger Dean Publishing Company     
Catalog # 15/2309R

Spiritual, traditional Christmas text in English
Difficulty rating (1-5): 3
Duration 3:10

This is another tune that I first heard on folk singer Odetta's classic Christmas album from the early 1960's. The very lyrical first two verses set up the arrival of the chorus, which is the "main event" and which eventually takes over the piece with its gently swaying syncopations.

From a reviewer of Western Washington University's performance (directed by Leslie Guelker-Cone) of this piece in Dec, 2010:

I hope I can be forgiven for expecting a rather raucous gospel number next. The title of the piece was “Ain’ dat a-Rockin’ All Night?” Instead, it was a gentle and lyrical song featuring baritone Reuben Wallace. I love surprises like that.



Mary had a little baby, born in Bethlehem,
ev'ry time de Baby cry, she rocked him in a weary land.
Wise men came from de East, guided by de Star,
with gold an' myrhh, an' frankincense,
as she rocked him in a weary land.
Ain' dat a-rockin' all night, all night long.
Herod heard of de news, de baby he did seek,
De Lawd tol' Mary, jes' you rock him in a weary land.
Ain' dat a-rockin' all night, all night long.



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