El Noi de la Mare  (The Son of the Mother)

Published by Walton Music
Catalog #: HL08501583, WLG120


SSA/harp or piano. with hand drum
Christmas folk text in Catalan
Duration: 4:00
Difficulty rating (1-5): 3

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erformed by the Santa Fe Women's Ensemble, Linda Raney, director
Recorded live Dec. 7, 2003

Premiered December 7, 2003 by the Santa Fe Women’s Ensemble, directed by Linda Raney.

This was originally arranged for guitar and chorus for a concert Vox Caelestis did with guitarist Muriel Anderson. More recently, the Santa Fe Women’s Ensemble expressed interest in the piece for a concert in which they were doing a lot of music with harp. I decided a harp version (with optional piano part) would probably reach more choirs down the road and quickly rearranged the piece. It was fun for this retired harpist to head down to the Lyon-Healy harp factory in Chicago to do a run-through of the part. Lyon-Healy was
gracious to allow us in and to have use of a brand new beautiful instrument for an hour.


Que li darem an el noi de Maria?
Que li darem que li sapiga bo?
Panses i figues i nois i olives
panses i figues i mel i mato.

Que li darem al fillet de Maria?
Que li darem al formos infanto?
Lidarem panses amb unes balances.
Lidarem figues amb un panero.

Tam patamtam, que les figues son verdes
tam patamtam, que ja maduranran.
Si no maduran el dia del Pasqua
maduraran el en dia del Ram.

What shall we give to the Child of the Mother?
What shall we give to him that will taste good?
Raisins and figs and corn and olives
raisins and figs and honey and mild cheese.

What shall we give to the sweet Son of Mary?
What shall we give to the beautiful child?
We shall give him a tray full of raisins
we shall give him a basket of figs.

Tam patamtam, the figs are still green
tam patamtam, they are not yet ripe.
If they are still not ripe by Palm Sunday
They will be ripe by Easter Day.



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