Eve's Confession

Published by Roger Dean Publishing Company
as part of the Janet Galvàn Choral Series
Catalog # 15/2838R


Text in English by Diane Lockward
Difficulty rating (1-5): 3
Duration 3:45

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erformed by the Illinois State University Belle Voix Women's Choir directed by Sarah Graham

The text for this piece is from Diane Lockward's collection of poems called Eve's Red Dress, a quirkily brilliant deconstruction of the Eve story. This poem really pokes a lot of good-natured fun at Eve- she just can't resist the modern-day apple fritters (and who can blame her- I mean really,

The musical setting is all hustle and bustle as Eve goes shopping for the fritters and then in an endorphin-fueled frenzy just has to gobble them all up. I also added in some faux medieval organum for fun toward the end- after all, why not reference the church when the word "guilt" shows up in the poem? But right after, Eve gobbles up the last fritter anyway and the piece ends uptempo and loud.

This piece bears some similarities to my God Says Yes to Me, in that it is for women's choir and the texts both put very creative spins on stories about God, religion, and women.



Eve's Confession
Diane Lockward

Sunday morning I slipped
out of bed, ran to the bakery,
and bought two apple
fritters—huge, bulging
with fruit, and slathered
with sweet white frosting—
breakfast in bed for me
and my husband.

While he slept on
in innocence, his ribcage
peacefully rising
and falling, the kitchen
filled with essence
of apple.  And oh!
those fritters looked
divine.  I broke
off a sample—wickedly
good—then another
and another.

Of course, it was
my husband’s fritter
I sampled.  I stuffed
my mouth.  Globs
of tart gooey apples slid
down my throat, apple
after apple, and chunks
of dough, crusty
from the fryer.

I could feel my cholesterol rising,
arteries hardening, and I
didn’t care.  That fritter
was delicious.

As the calories
mounted, guilt entered
the kitchen.  And still,
that pastry beguiled me.
“Eat of this fritter,” it called.
“Okay,” I said, “one last bite,”
but knew I was going to fall
and fall, knew in my evil
heart I was going
to eat it all.



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