Ezekiel Saw de Wheel

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SATB (some divisi) a cappella, also available TTBB
African-American Spiritual text in English
Difficulty level (1-5): 3
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Commissioned by Upper St. Clair H.S., Upper St. Clair, PA, directed by Lorraine Milovac

This piece in TTBB form has not yet been premiered. Please contact me if you are interested in premiering this piece

What did Ezekiel see? A wheel in a wheel of course, and some folks say it was a heavenly vision and some folks say it was a U.F.O.!

Whatever you think, this arrangement starts out fast and loud and pretty much never lets up! Emphasizing the consonants and maintaining clean rhythms (especially the eighth-sixteenth-sixteenth rhythms toward the end)  will propel the music forward in an exciting manner. A great closer for enthusiastic high school and up choirs.

Complete perusal score available upon request.



Ezekiel saw de wheel, way up in de middle of de air,
Ezekiel saw de wheel, way  in de middle of de air. 

Oh, De big wheel run by faith, an' de little wheel run by de Grace of God,
A wheel in a wheel, way up in de  middle of de air


Oh some folk go to church for to sing an' shout,
be-fore six months dey's done turn'd out.
Be-fore six months dey's back again,
now what de good church folk gonna do then.




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Please note: A minimum quantity
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