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Catalog # 15/2435R
Part of the Janet Galvan Treble Choral Series
Secular text in English
Difficulty rating (1-5): 2
Duration 3:10



What others say:
"I like your new piece, 'Hope'. Singers will enjoy the lyricism! It is not difficult and will appeal to a wide variety of ensembles.
The accompaniment works well and is supportive and pianistic. I look forward to your new works."

Deborah Lutz
Nova Voce Women's Chorus
Charlotte, North Carolina



A Hope Carol (original Rossetti title)

A Night was near, a day was near,
Between a day and night
I heard sweet voices calling clear,
Calling me:
I heard a whirr of wing on wing,
But could not see the sight;
I long to see my birds that sing,
I long to see.

Below the stars, beyond the moon,
Between the night and day
I heard a rising falling tune
Calling me:
I long to see the pipes and strings
Whereon such minstrels play;
I long to see each face that sings,
I long to see.

Today or may be not today,
Tonight or not tonight,
All voices that command or pray
Calling me,
Shall kindle in my soul such fire
And in my eyes such light
That I shall see that heart's desire
I long to see.



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