Lake Song

Published by Santa Barbara Music Publishing, Inc.
as part of the Sharon Hansen Choral Series
Catalog # SBMP 831

SSA / piano
Text in English by Colette Inez
Difficulty rating (1-5): 2.5
Duration: 4:00

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erformed by the Milwaukee Choral Artists,
Sharon Hansen, director

Premiered by the Milwaukee Choral Artists, Sharon Hansen, founder and director
Feb 16, 2008, Milwaukee, WI


Commissioned by the Milwaukee Choral Artists in honor of their 10th Anniversary

Set to a picturesque, thought provoking text by Colette Inez, the plaintive melody is joined by an artistic, colorful piano accompaniment. An unusual, beautiful piece for women.

Complete perusal score available upon request.



Ev'ry day our name is chang'd,
Say stones colliding into waves.
Go read our names on the shore,
Say waves colliding into stones.
Birds o'er water call their names
To each other again and again
To say where they are.
Where have you been, my small bird?
    I know our names will change one day
    To stones in a field of anemones and lavender>
Before you reach the farthest wave,
Before our shadows disappear in a starry blur,
Call out your name to say where we are.









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