The Lark in the Clear Air

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SA/piano (with some divisi to SSAA)

Traditional Irish Ballad in English, arr. Paul Carey
Difficulty rating (1-5): 2
Duration: 3:30

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erformed by the South Bend Chamber Singers Women,
Dr. Nancy Menk, director


I had been wanting to arrange this very sweet Irish song for quite some time, but was only coming across versions with just one verse. So when I finally found a copy of some sheet music with the second verse included, I sat down and wrote this in a couple of evenings. The piece was premiered May 16, 2004 by Vox Caelestis with Sherri Lasko conducting and me at the piano -- a nice change of pace. The performance also seemed to point out that other conductors often create a better interpretation than a composer does conducting his or her own piece -- but I can live with that!
Complete perusal score available upon request
What others say:
"The harmonies are exquisite, the voice leading sensitive, logical and friendly to the voice -- a lovely setting of the song."
Sharon Hansen, Founder and Music Director, The Milwaukee Choral Artists
Chair, Graduate Choral Conducting Program, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


Dear thoughts are in my mind,
and my soul soars enchanted,
as I hear the sweet lark sing,
in the clear air of the day;
for a tender beaming smile
to my hope has been granted,
and tomorrow she shall hear
all my fond heart would say.
I shall tell her all my love,
all my soulís adoration,
and I think she will hear me,
and will not say me nay;
it is this that gives my soul
all its joyous elation,
as I hear the sweet lark sing,
in the clear air of the day.





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