A Million Miracles

Published by Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press Catalog # 0-19-386735-4  SATB/piano
Oxford University Press Catalog # 0-19-386734-6  SSAA/piano

Arranged for SATB/piano
also arranged for SSAA/piano
Anonymous sacred text (of Celtic origin) in English
Difficulty rating (1-5): 2

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erformed by Calvin College Capella,
Joel Navarro, director

A very pretty text with some wonderful images from Nature. The piano part owes a tip of the hat to Erik Satie.


The Capella of Calvin College  recording, Jubilate! is a two-disc set, directed by
Dr. Joel Navarro, and includes "A Million Miracles"



O Son of God, perform a miracle for me:
Change my heart.
You, whose crimson blood
redeems mankind,
whiten my heart.
It is you who makes the sun bright
and the ice sparkle;
You who makes the rivers flow
and the salmon leap.
Your skilled hand makes the nut-tree blossom,
and the wheat turn golden;
Your spirit composes the songs of the birds
and the buzz of the bees.
Your creation is
a million wondrous miracles,
Beautiful to behold.
I ask of you just one more miracle:
beautify my soul.



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