Night Song

Published by Roger Dean Publishing Company
as part of the Janet Galvān Choral Series
Catalog # 15/2591R  

Secular text in English by Jean Burden
Difficulty rating (1-5): 2
Duration: 2:30

Commissioned by the Fort Wayne Children's Choir,
Fred Meads Artistic Director

"The Fort Wayne Children's Choir commissioned Paul to write one piece, which eventually turned into four pieces based on texts about animals. The texts he chose were witty, eclectic and fun -perfect for young voices. His musical settings melded beautifully with the words - very singable. Our young singers really enjoyed singing his pieces and working with Paul as well. He was positive and engaging with the choirs.

Communication was great with Paul. He was to easy to work with and willing to adapt as necessary. All in all a great commissioning experience!"

Fred Meads
Artistic Director of the Fort Wayne (IN) Children's Choirs


TEXT (the original title of the poem is "Query")

I asked the birds
who sing at night
where they learned their songs,
and what they sang about.

They said, "We learn from
birds who sing by day,
but what we sing about
is hard for us to say.

"Only those with beak
and wing can fathom joy
in dark and doubt.
The sky may turn to evening
and the sun to moon,
but we sing
of what you do not speak—
how night is sometimes noon,
how any season of the soul
can, with time, be coaxed to spring."



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