The Night is Young

Published by Oxford University Press
Catalog # 0-19-386953-5

SATB a cappella
Secular text in English by Colum Sands
Difficulty rating (1-5): 2.5


Colum Sands, arr. Paul Carey

Sherri turned me on to Colum Sands and this song in particular. Colum is an Irish folk singer who is quite popular in Europe(I wish he would make a tour of the U.S. sometime.. He was very gracious when I asked for permission to make a choral setting of this piece.

The text of this song would make it a great concert or season closer for many choirs, as I would call the text a secular benediction.




Chorus: Rest for awhile now the night is young
The time is short and the road is long
Tell me a story Iíll sing you a song
For tomorrow the road will be calling us on
Donít let your journey be stopped at the start
There are times when your feet have to follow your heart
But the faster you travel the less you can see
And the more that you have the less you can be
Look for the house with the smile at the door
Where we sat round the table and danced on the floor
Found warmth at the fire and came back for more
There was grass on the chimney and a lock on the door
So let the reel have its turn and the song its refrain
And hereís to the day when we all meet again
And long may the sun shine wherever you are
But youíll still need the darkness to show you the stars



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