Peace on Earth... and lots of little crickets

Published by Walton Music
Walton catalog #WLG129
Hal Leonard catalog #HL08501658

Treble (SA)/folk percussion instruments & marimba (and/or Orff instruments/string bass)
Difficulty rating (1-5): 2.5

Secular text in English by Oliver Twigge


 listen to Peace on Earth... and lots of little crickets

erformed by the University of S. Florida, Bel Canto,
Lynne Gackle, conductor

BIG NEWS! Oliver Twigge (text author for the crickets tune) and I finally have a new tune collaboration coming out. It will be for sale directly, not with a traditional publisher. Stay tuned, or e-mail with your interest.

Hello to all of you singers (and their directors) from Kentucky, New York, and ACDA Central environs (Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana) who are singing this piece soon for KMEA and ACDA conventions and other events. I hope you have fun with it, and thanks for the wonderful energy I am sure you are bringing  to these events! The Cricket message is kind of like the movie Pay it Forward- and I thank you for delivering that message to your audience. By the way, Oliver Twigge says g'day mate from down in New Zealand!

HEY DIRECTORS: Don't forget to have your singers smile, move to the music, and have plenty of fun with this piece. I really didn't envision people singing this without moving or smiling!

This very fun piece was commissioned by our great friend, Nikkola Carmichael, and her family. They are a fun-loving bunch of New Zealanders and now Americans who didnít want anything too serious. The text is about a child and Mom who go about changing the world into a kinder place - and crickets play a part in their plan. The percussion includes toy cricket clickers, rain sticks, Asian guiros, and so on but itís not totally necessary to use the exact instrumentation. Directors are also invited to add Orff instruments if they like. The vocal parts are very jazzy and then later very gospel sounding.

For those of you who've requested help locating "Cricket Clickers", I've posted links for two types at to the right.

NEW NEWSFLASH: January 23, 2010: Peace on Earth is giant music retailer JW Pepper's #6 best-seller nationwide. Crickets are happy!

NEWSFLASH:  March 9, 2009:  Walton Publishing announces "Peace on Earth... and lots of little crickets" is the number ONE selling piece for the past year, and sales continue to grow. THANK YOU to everyone who's doing this piece!

NEWSFLASH:  Nov. 7, 2008:  Crikey, just found out from Gunilla Luboff, dear owner and chief bottlewasher at Walton, that this lil' tune has sold 9,000 copies since it was released just a few months ago!

Performance ideas:  I have fielded a number of questions about this piece. Everyone loves it but some are wondering a little about the tempo and pacing. My opinion is that the tempo has to stay near 100 to keep the piece bright and fun, yet at that tempo getting the text out cleanly is a challenge. Please try to balance these two issues as best you can. You can certainly put the text into your program. In fact I wish more people would do that for all choral concerts- get those wonderful texts typed into the program. If quality choral music is driven by quality texts, both on the compositional and the performance level,  wouldn't we want our wonderful audiences to be able to read said quality poetry? Many discerning concert-goers would love to have a chance to read through the poetry at their leisure and not have to fight so much to make out the words!

I now strongly urge  people to shorten the piece a bit. Perhaps start at measure 5, but more importantly,  take mm 25-29 and shorten that to two measures. And do the same with mm. 33-36. Also, try your best to not use piano for the bass line, or double the piano with a mallet instrument or a keyboard set to a marimba type sound

Charles Bruffy did the piece recently with an honors choir and took the last few pages of gospel sounding music and vamped it a few extra times- a great touch which has my approval.


Complete perusal score available upon request.

on YouTube:

Thanks to the Milwaukee Children's Choir, directed by Emily Crocker


Another experience:

"Iíve kept your email on my computer since October so I could give you feedback on your piece. We just had our festival on March 14 and your piece was the big hit! The kids absolutely loved it. We sang it with 80 4th, 5th, and 6th graders from four different schools. I used some of my high school students to play the percussion. When we passed out a survey at the end of the festival, the song the kids liked best was your piece."
Chris Starr, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted (HLWW) music teacher



One night a cricket crept in my room
so I ran to my mother and said make him go away,
she said that crickets bring us good luck
so I let him stay and fed him night and day.
Later on my cricket looked so sad
and he said "I'm getting lonely to no end,
so I ran out into the field
and I brought him back a sweet cricket girlfriend.
Before too long my whole room was filled
with baby crickets all chirping their "do-re-mi's"
I gave all my friends a baby cricket for luck
and I even gave them to my enemies.

Then all the people in the neighborhood
let the lucky little crickets be their guide,
new friends were made and bitterness forgotten
and the happiness and crickets multiplied.
Then my mother said let's buy some little boxes
and fill them with crickets and send them on their way
to people here and there and everywhere
and bring all the world a happy brand new day.
There were little crickets chirping far and wide
and I winked and I smiled and I laughed with my mother,
all the people were so happy go lucky
they forgot how to hate each other...
And there was Peace on Earth, and joy everywhere
there was Peace on Earth and hearts filled with gladness,
Oh yes, there was Peace on Earth
..and lots of little crickets!








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