Shepherds, Rejoice!

Published by Oxford University Press
Catalog #0-19-385956-4

SATB a cappella
Christmas song in English from the Knoxville Harmony Book.
Difficulty rating (1-5): 2
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erformed by the Oxford Choir
Bob Chilcott, director


Early American music fascinates me by its directness textually and musically. The first time I attended a Sacred Harp singing session I was hooked on this music!

I was quite pleased to learn that Oxford recorded this with Bob Chilcott conducting and John Rutter at the engineer's table!

Recent review by Philip Brunelle in The American Organist magazine:

SHEPHERDS REJOICE!, Paul Carey (Oxford), SATB a cappella. This piece is set in the style of a shape-note hymn with a text from the 1838 Kentucky Harmony. This is a challenging, exuberant song full of praise and mirth. Carey is an interesting composer who writes creative vocal lines. Medium difficulty.



Rejoice, ye shepherds, lift your eyes
and send your fears a-way!
Good news from regions of the skies:
a Saviorís born this day!
Our Savior makes his entrance here,
but not as mortals do;
Lord Jesus whom the an-gels fear,
is come to dwell with you.
No gold or purple swaddling bands
nor royal shiny things,
a manger for his cradle stands
and holds the King of Kings.
Go, shepherds where the infant lies,
and see his humble throne!
With tears of joy in all your eyes,
go, shepherds kiss the Son.



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