Tiny Stars

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String trio
Duration: seven minutes

Premiered by the Affinity Trio February 2, 2003.
Commissioned piece
 listen to Tiny Stars

erformed by the Affinity String Trio,
Recorded at the premier performance Feb 2, 2003

This piece was commissioned by Dr. Donald Newsom to honor Mary Ellen Newsom’s sixtieth birthday. Mary Ellen has taught Suzuki violin for many years, and the piece includes plenty of Suzuki type fiddling AND a pretty coy quote of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star at the end by the violinist on a 1/8 size violin she picks up as the other two players vamp away. Quite a fun tune, somewhat reminiscent of Mark O’Conner’s work in collaboration with Yo-yo Ma.

"Paul's commission was to write a birthday piece for string trio, in honor of a lifelong [Suzuki] music educator. To fit the occasion, the piece had to be lighthearted and delivered on time. Paul's composition fit the bill wonderfully, capturing the exuberance of youthful music and the anguish of "gotta practice," with a sly wink to [the book one Suzuki method tune] 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.'"
--  D.E. Newsom, commissioner of "Tiny Stars"









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