Unending Flame

Published by Santa Barbara Music Press as part of
the Mary Alice Stollak Choral Series (available June 2008)

SA version catalog # SBMP 788
SABar version catalog # SBMP 791
(contact sbmp.com for the clarinet part)

SA/solo clarinet/piano
Also available SABar/solo clarinet/piano
(also orchestrated for small orchestra - contact Paul Carey for conductor's score and orchestra parts)
Hanukkah text in English by Sherri Lasko
Difficulty level (for choir): 2.5
Duration: 3:45

 listen to Unending Flame  (SA/orchestra)
 listen to Unending Flame  (SABar/clarinet/piano)

Performed by the Michigan State Children's Choir,
Mary Alice Stollak, director; recorded live December 2007

Commissioned by the Michigan State University Children's Choir and director, Mary Alice Stollak.

This piece was commissioned by the Michigan State University Children's Choir and their director, Mary Alice Stollak. She had originally asked for an arrangement of an existing Hanukkah song of my choice, but I just couldn't find one that really grabbed me. I then looked for Hanukkah poems that I could set with original music. No luck there either-- the poems I found were either too short, way too silly, or just really didn't inspire me. It was then that I asked Sherri Lasko for a text. She wrote a beautiful poem that captures the history, hope, and family traditions and fun of the holiday in a very sweet and musical way and we worked together to make my music complement her poem. I'm really thrilled with our final result.

The form of the piece is like a traditional Czardas, first slow (the lassú) and then quite presto (the friss), and featuring a solo clarinet in a very fun klezmer style. The choral parts are quite easy, but the piano and clarinet parts are more challenging (the orchestration is average difficulty).

To see a perusal score, email Paul at paul@paulcarey.net


Unending Flame by Sherri Lasko

Unending flame of ages past
burn bright within our hearts tonight,
rekindle hope and love of old
to carry now into the cold.

The greatest strength within us lies,
the promise old renew'd again,
not in our might, but in our heart
do peace and joy within us start.

The gift pass'd on through ev'ry child
I give to you and yours this night,
burn bright your flame,
change the world from dark to light.


Dance, sing, shout, clap,
flame of Hanukkah,
Sing, shout, clap, dance,
shining bright Menorah,
Shout, clap, dance, sing,
Send your glowing light
to bring new love to us this night.




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