Gaudete (Rejoice)

SA a cappella

This is one of a number of Medieval tunes and/or texts in this collection from the Piae Cantiones, first published in Sweden in 1582. As first published, there are no notes attached to the Gaudete verses: tones for the verse may have eventually been derived from the Bohemian song Ezechielus Porta. Mixed choir “new age” settings of this piece have been very popular lately, often with loud, thrashing percussion parts. The piece might sound quite wonderful without any percussion or by keeping those instruments on the light side. Refrain/verse clarification: refrain, verse 1 (S solo)- refrain, verse 2 (A solo)- refrain, verse 3 (S solo)- refrain, verse 4 (A solo) – refrain. This selection could also resonate well sung up a half-step.




Rejoice, rejoice
Christ is born of the virgin Mary, Rejoice!


It is now the time of grace for which we have prayed,
Let us sing songs of joy, let us give devotion.

God was made man and nature marvels,
The world was renewed by Christ who is King.

The closed gate of Ezechiel has been passed through,
From where the light rises salvation is found.

Therefore let our assembly now sing, the Psalms shall purify us,
Let it bless the Lord: greetings to our King.


















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