In dulci jubilo (In sweet rejoicing)

SSAA / percussion
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Heinrich Seuse (c. 1295-1366), a student of Meister Eckhart, claimed that the lyrics were made known to him in a visitation by angels. The tune most of us know is by Praetorius, who actually set the words many times. I have set this text with new melodies and a jaunty little palindrome drum part. Some choirs may prefer to sing this down a half-step.




In sweet rejoicing,
Now sing and be merry!
Our hearts' joy lies in a manger,
And shines like the sun, lying in Mary's lap,
Alpha and Omega!

O infant Jesus, I ache for you!
Comfort me, O best of boys,
Through all of your goodness
O Prince of glory, draw me to you!

O loving Father! O gentle Son!
We would all be lost through our sins
but he has redeemed for us
the delights of Heaven,
O, if only we were there!

Where are joys nowhere more than there!
Because the angels sing joyous new songs,
And the bells ring in the House of the King,
O, if only we were there!



















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