Joseph est bien marié (Joseph has married well)

SA / harp
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I was determined to find a lesser-known French piece to go along with my setting of the well-known Quelle est cette odeur agréable. I chose Joseph est bien marié for its charming pastoral melody and delicate rhythms. Take care to sing gently on the second part of the many trochees.



Joseph has married well
to the daughter of Jesse.
It was a startling new deed
for one to be both mother and virgin,
The Lord’s hand was at work:
Joseph has married well.

And when it first came to be
that the Lord wished to save us,
He sent His only Son down to earth to assume
human form through Mary ‘s womb:
Joseph has married well.

On Noel at midnight
The virgin yielded her fruit
without pillow or bed to support her.
Joseph wrapped and laid the child
where his donkey had been stabled:
Joseph has married well.

The angels came to see the Redeemer Jesus.
It was a most beautiful sight
for with full, joyous voices they sang “Gloria!”:
Joseph has married well.



















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