Make we joy now in  this fest

SA a cappella

This macaronic tune was unfamiliar to me before this project, yet I have grown to delight in the way it dances from one tonal center to another. It seems to start out in F Ionian mode yet first cadences in G Aeolian mode, then quickly flees to a cadence in B flat. A few measures later G Dorian makes the briefest of appearances before G Aeolian gains control again. Each verse concludes with a jaunty Landini cadence.




Make we joy now in this fest,
on which Christ was born. Sing joy!


The only son of the Father
through a maiden is come to us,
sing we to her and say: “Welcome!
Come, Saviour of the people!”

Let all generations behold,
A bright star three kings have made come
for to seek with their presents,
the celestial Word proceeding.

O light of the holy Trinity,
He lay between an oxe and ass,
thou Mother and maiden free.
Glory to you, O Lord!














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