Personent hodie (On this day)

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Instrumental parts for two flutes (or other treble instruments):

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Version for two violins (bowings marked):

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This well-known piece is actually a parody of a lighthearted 13th century song to St. Nicholas entitled Intonent hodie voces ecclesie. It is included here because of its obvious value as a madrigal dinner processional or concert opener. While this is virtually a straight-forward transcription, I placed a couple of quirky rhythms in toward the end for added interest. Percussion may be added ad libitum. The flutes could be replaced by two violins, two recorders, two oboes, etc.



On this day children's voices resound,
joyfully praising him who has been born,
given by Almighty God and created
from the womb of a virgin

He was born into the world, wrapped in swaddling clothes,
and placed in the manger in a cattle shed,
the Lord of the heavens who destroyed Hell.

Three wise men came asking for the Child;
they worshipped Him, following a star,
and offered him gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Let all the clerics, and likewise the boys, sing like the angels:
"You have come into the world;
therefore I pour out lavish praises to you:
Glory to God in the highest!"














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