The angel Gabriel from Heaven came

SSAA / 2 flute (or other treble melody instruments)

Instrumental parts for two flutes (or other treble instruments):

Click to download flute 1 part

Click to download flute 2 part

Version for two violins (bowings marked):

Click to download violin 1 part

Click to download  violin 2 part



Beginning in 1890 Charles Bordes traveled throughout the Basque region to collect folk music, culminating in his publication in 1895 of over two hundred (melody only) tunes. The harmonization with which we are familiar is by the English organist/composer Edgar Pettman. Sabine Baring-Gould's English text is, in a sense, a sophisticated improvement upon the original Basque text for this fine supple melody. The instrumental parts may be played by any pair of treble melody instruments such as flutes, violins, or oboes. For the premiere Nancy Menk performed it using my preference: two soprano recorders.






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