Print on Demand (License to Create Copies)

How this works- it's pretty easy!

Many pieces are available on this website as Print-On-Demand e-music. After you find the piece(s) of "available directly" music you would like to order, you have two options to purchase music:  PayPal or a PDF Order Form.

Using PayPal
(If you don't already have a PayPal account, you can set one up for free at

1) Use the order blank to add your selection(s) to a PayPal Shopping Cart (you will be able to choose your voicings when multiple versions exist)

2) Fill in the desired quantity for your selected piece(s) that you will need. You may add as many different pieces to your "Shopping Cart" as you like.
Please note: There is a minimum order quantity of 10 per any piece ordered directly on this website.

3) Finish your transaction through PayPal

4) I receive an immediate notification from PayPal that you have placed and paid for an order

PDF Order Form

1) If you don't have a PayPal account, or for organizations which require a Purchase Order/Invoice billing system, please download our PDF order form. You can fill this out on your computer within Adobe Acrobat and click on the "Submit to Email" button to email it directly to me.

2) The order form allows you to specify quantity, title & scoring for up to four separate pieces. If you need to order more, just open another order form.
Please note: There is a minimum order quantity of 10 per any piece ordered from this website.

3) Once the form is filled in, click on the "Email" link & the form will be attached to an email. Address this email to:

4) Once I receive your order, I will send an email confirmation in return and ask that you mail your payment. You will have a temporary "License to Copy" which becomes your legal proof of permission to copy once your order is paid.

5) Once either order type is placed, I e-mail you a pdf file of the music from which you can print the ordered number of copies. At the top of your file will be a printed permission note specifying the name of your organization and the number of copies you ordered. You use your paper and printer (or copy machine) to make the copies.

It's that quick and that easy, and there is no postage or shipping to pay!


Please note: the e-music samples on this website are incomplete so that people will not be able to copy entire pieces illegally.
If you really want to see the entire piece before making a decision to purchase, send me an e-mail. I will send you a perusal pdf file of the complete piece for free.

Please note: There is a minimum order quantity of 10 per any piece ordered directly on this website. Orders for less than 10 per piece will be refunded.

What your "License to Copy" includes:
The music you have created is just like any other piece of sheet music -- you have paid for it and it is yours to use as per your quantity listed on your order. However, it still is protected from abuse under all aspects of copyright law as is any other piece of copyrighted sheet music.

This means you aren't allowed to make further copies beyond the order you first placed (unless you recontact me), and you still have to request a mechanical license from me to make recordings of the music beyond merely archival, non-distributed  -- this includes CDs which will be sold.

In most cases your usage won't require an ASCAP type performance license since mot purchases will be by schools and churches for "Fair Use"  performances. However, if you are a professional choir or a choir charging admissions, you do need to speak with me about performance licenses for the music. In some instances, I may be able to waive the need for a performance license.

Note: I control the copyrights of all of my e-music, which means I also control the performance and recording issues. These titles are NOT listed with ASCAP regarding performance licenses and are NOT listed with the Harry Fox Agency for mechanical (recording) licenses.

Don't understand some of this? Please e-mail me, I will do my best to 'xplain it for you!