Carols, Distinctive Arrangements for Women's Voices

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18 New Christmas Carol Arrangements
Scored variously for SA, SSA, SSAA a cappella; some with simple instrument parts
Sacred texts in English, Latin, German, French, and Spanish
Difficulty rating (1-5): 1-4
Durations from 1:30 to 5:00 each carol

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An exciting new collection of 18 carols in new, creative settings suitable for
high school and beyond women's voices, plus also suitable for advanced treble children's choirs.

- Carols and processionals for both concert or madrigal dinner use

- A mixture of transcriptions, arrangements, and new settings of classic Christmas texts,
occaisional solo, duo, and trio passages create variety for strophic carols

- Traditional English and Latin texts, plus settings in French, German, and Spanish

- A mixture of easy to more challenging carols, as well as a wide variety of moods and tempi

Some carols have instrumental parts for one or two players (for instance harp, two flutes or other
melody instruments, cello, percussion). Instrumental parts can be downloaded by clicking on the title below.


Please click on the song title for more information about each piece,
translations, and to download instrumental parts.






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