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Publisher links for each published piece are provided their respective page. Please contact the those publishers directly for ordering or inquiries.

For selections that are noted as "Available Directly," we offer Print on Demand services.

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Either of these order options enable you to purchase a "Limited License to Create Copies."

A clean, complete pdf file of the music ordered, as well as a "Limited License to Create Music Copies"  for each piece will be emailed, usually within 24 hours of payment transaction.

Please keep this "License" on file as it is your legal clearance to create the number of copies specified per your order.

To see a sample of the "Limited License to Create Copies," please click here. This "License" gives you the right to create the specified, paid for number of copies. It also gives clearance for all K-12 school choir performance situations, and details regarding performance and mechanical rights for all organizations.

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